Will it go to touch the previous high by following same pattern or will it go to make another bottom

Will it rise or fall??

Some stocks might under perform and some stock might over perform under hydro index even if it touches the last high(2753). Can you guess which will under perform and which one will over perform?

https://www.bbc.com/nepali/articles/c2v865e3w2vo Is this news going to effect $HYDPOWIND positively in the future or is it just a news to trap investors ?

aja kina badheko? +ve circuit

$CHCL pani ramro support ma cha.. 50 days EMA ma pani support liyeko cha..EPS is 9.62 and PE ratio is at 48.44..halka ta cha ma sanga ..ajai thapda thik hola or are there other alternatives?

$ADBL aile samma ko lowest point ma cha jasto cha.. trade garna lai aile ko price point ma lida thik hola? aru k hernu parla maile?

If the market doesn’t break below 1800, $AHPC could be a good buy. The higher target is 370 to 380 but looking at a lower target of 315 to 335 for now.

$NEPSE closed at 1845 yesterday. It has still failed to break below 1800 after multiple tries. We have seen multiple bounces around this area and maybe the market is creating strong support. A break below 1800 opens up the possibility of 1660 which I have mentioned as an alternative for a long time. NEPSE needs to break above 2000 to continue higher.

Disclaimer – It’s only for educational purposes. Take your own decision before the trade.

Ru Ru Jalbidhyut Pariyojana Limited (RURU) has posted a decline in net profit in the third quarter (Q3) of the current FY 2079/80 to Rs. 6.68 crores in this quarter from Rs. 8.08 crores in the corresponding quarter of the previous year.