November 14, 2021, 04:54 pm

  • Liquidity crunch ra interest rate increase gare bhaneko le cahi ali mathi jana garai huncha ki jasto lagcha hai malai chai..

    688 days ago
  • volume chaina tara.. what can we make out of that??

    688 days ago
  • nepsetrader

    Volume drying up could also suggest a potential reversal. It seems sellers are not willing to sell their shares at a cheaper price. The candle made today isn't very strong to justify that market has reversed. Although it closed above 2700, we'll need to wait until the market can cross 2760 and sustain above it. For now, the stop loss area is at close below 2667.

    687 days ago
  • Yadav Khatri

    milaunu ta bhako ho rahecha tapai le.. ajhai pani 2760 mathi nai cha.. thanku analysis ko lagi

    684 days ago
  • @nepsetrader still managed to close at 2669 two point above stop loss level....sunday may be crutial day

    684 days ago